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Whether you need to make your school team, shoot for the international stage or just find trainers and fellow players who’ll take you to the next level, SHOT ZONE can help.

Prepare to become great as we guide you through your journey, step-by- step. You, your teammates and your coaches will have access to world-class training facilities, and help from passionate in-house trainers who know the sport inside and out. Your coaches will also get the data they need to analyze technique and correct mistakes right away—so you see better performance in less time.

The result? You’ll build your edge as a player, on your schedule and at a pace that suits you. That’s not all; you’ll also develop the mind and fitness of a champion through cutting-edge sports psychology and nutrition.

Training and Monitoring

We’re all about bringing you the best in basketball fundamentals and skills training, including tech never before seen in Asia—for an all- new integrated experience that will accelerate your progress faster than ever.

personalized basketball coaching

We’re serious about giving you personalized attention and coaching, so you can focus on improving the fundamentals and ingraining them into muscle memory. At SHOT ZONE, we offer you one-on- one training from our in-house experts, so you can accelerate your progress on your own schedule.

basketball events & activities

You’ll be the first to know about our exclusive basketball events and activities. Whether it’s a workshop with Stephen Curry’s very own coaches (or even Stephen Curry himself), you’ll be sure to get an all-access pass to the best and most exciting basketball activities in Singapore.