Become Great

Singapore’s premium basketball facility



Become Great.

That's what we at SHOT ZONE, Singapore's premier basketball facility, want to help you to achieve. In the words of NBA MVP Stephen Curry: I want to practice to the point where it's almost uncomfortable how fast I shoot, so that in the game, things kind of slow down.

That's the kind of practice, focus and results we unlock for you. Whatever your level, and whatever your aims, we're here to shatter limitations and take you there faster than ever.

Players - need to make your school team, shoot for the international stage or just find trainers and fellow players who'll take you to the next level?

SHOT ZONE can help.

Prepare to become great as we guide you through your journey, step-by-step. You, your teammates and your coaches will have access to world-class training facilities, and help from passionate in-house coaches and trainers who know the sport inside and out. Your coaches will also get the data they need to analyse technique and correct mistakes right away so you see better performance in less time.

The result? You'll build your edge as a player, on your schedule and at a pace that suits you. That's not all; you'll also develop the mind and fitness of a champion through cutting-edge sports psychology and nutrition.

  • Rent court (or half-court) facilities throughout the day, and train on your own time. No more jostling with the crowds, or waiting till next week to get the practice you need today.
  • Train one-on-one, or in small groups tailored to your skill level. You can work with your own coaches, or a SHOT ZONE trainer. (We ensure a low player-to-coach ratio, so you'll get the right drills and personal attention. That's a promise!)
  • Skyrocket your growth as a player with the same tech and tools that top talents in the USA use, from college teams to the NBA.

Like what you see? Book a session or zone with us to see the SHOT ZONE difference for yourself.