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For the first time ever, Shot Zone is providing players in Singapore with training ground and tools once only available to elite leagues like the NBA, to help you reach your fullest potential.

Our facility is designed and built with the capacity and resources to train the most elite basketball players on the planet. Our automated shooting, ball handling, and athletic performance training zones enable you to excel to greatness at any age or skill level.

Shot Zone features 10 specially designed zones and 2 half courts equipped with an arsenal that includes Dr.Dish shooting guns, real-time shot analysis and feedback systems, ‘smart’ balls, Vertamax, Fitlights, and many more technologies and training aids never before utilised or even seen in the region. All these in an indoor aircon environment optimised for focus and efficiency.

When there’s an important game or tournament coming up, trying out for your school team, in pursuit to become the best you can be. or just the need to eat, drink and sleep basketball for a few days, Shot Zone is here for you.

Come to play or work on your game, on your own, with your coach, training partners, teammates, family or friends. Get in the Zone Today.

Half Court

Zone Court